Our Philosophy

In Zeleres,Inc., we believe:

Doing things the right way from the beginning!

Do not complicate the situation regardless of how complex it already is!

Finish things on time!

Make things work fast and stable!

Doing the right thing, with the right people, at the right time! 

Our Story

Zeleres, Inc. is owned and operated by a healthcare professional and an IT professional. When we set up the first Nurse Practitioner-owned private practice, we kept in mind that things can be complex and it would take a long time. However, we were still surprised by how complex it can be and how long it took. After months of research often staying up overnight working, we eventually finish everything and the practice was ready to go. Looking back, we found we can be much more efficient and make much more revenue if someone could have helped steer us in the right direction while setting up the practice.

With all of the information and support we have from our initial experiences, we decided to start Zeleres, Inc. to help more healthcare professionals. We save your time so you can focus on your patients!

Next Steps...

No need to wait!  Request a quote or simply start a conversation with us! As they say, your success is our success!